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Wood is our medium. It provides our product with a warmth and texture that is impossible to find in other materials. It is also the most ecologically friendly material for producing furniture.

We use both hardwoods and softwoods, sourced locally from sustainable woodlands and forests wherever possible, although depending on the commission we can source a particular wood from further afield.

Most commonly we use Oak, Elm, Beech and Mahogany - depending on client preferences on usage, colour and texture. Cherry, Chestnut and Lime can also be employed.

The wood we use will have either been air or kiln dried to less than 10% moisture, and under normal usage will require minimal maintenance to retain its natural beauty. For external products we can advise on treatment to ensure many, many years of enjoyment.

Custom Furniture from Toleman Furnishings


Oak is Light brown sometimes with a tiger stripe colour of light and darker brown.The wood is hard and fairly stable.

Oak Furniture from Toleman Furniture


Elm is pale to medium brown, the wych variety has very attractive green steaks through it. The wood is hard, tough and fairly stable.

Elm Furniture from Toleman Furniture


Beech is whitish yellow to light brown with a fine even texture with plane speckled grain.
The wood is medium hard, strong and is fairly stable.

Beech Furniture from Toleman Furniture


Mahogany is a reddish-brown color, which darkens over time, and displays a reddish sheen when polished. It has a generally straight grain. The wood is hard and very stable.

Mahogany Furniture from Toleman Furniture


Ash is a highly grained pale creamy wood.  Ash is popular not only for its looks, but also for its ease of working and incredible strength. It is an ideal wood for making furniture.

Ash Furniture from Toleman Furniture


Sycamore is easily worked and can be cut in any direction. It has excellent bending properties and can be easily stained, making it an excellent choice for furniture and internal joinery.

Sycamore Furniture from Toleman Furniture

Handmade Hardwood Furniture Bespoke Joinery Mahogany Boxes Elm Tables Beech Cabinets Scotland